#!/usr/bin/env php SabreDAV migrate script for version 2.1 This script help you migrate from a pre-2.1 database to 2.1. Changes: The 'calendarobjects' table will be upgraded. 'schedulingobjects' will be created. If you don't use the default PDO CalDAV or CardDAV backend, it's pointless to run this script. Keep in mind that ALTER TABLE commands will be executed. If you have a large dataset this may mean that this process takes a while. Lastly: Make a back-up first. This script has been tested, but the amount of potential variants are extremely high, so it's impossible to deal with every possible situation. In the worst case, you will lose all your data. This is not an overstatement. Usage: php [pdo-dsn] [username] [password] For example: php "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=sabredav" root password php sqlite:data/sabredav.db